Fogra 39L

The Certified Proof allows you to check the conformity of the layout, texts, images (especially colorimetry). It also serves as a reference to your customers and/or your printing company.

The Certified Proof has a contractual value. It is therefore a key element of the graphic chain. You can secure all your Europe printed projects.
We guarantee the respect of printing conditions set by ISO international standard, such as FOGRA 39L standard (ISO 12.647-2).
PICTO has a license from the European certification organization FOGRA: Approval N° 29967.

The certification concerns the colorimetry part of your CMYK Tiff, Jpeg or PDF files.

We offer Certified Proof on Semi-Matte paper.

Certified Proof Papers

  • FOGRA 39L - Semi-matte Certified Proof

    FOGRA 39L - Semi-matte Certified Proof

    FOGRA 39L - Semi-matte RC paper for your Certified Proofs
    Grammage : 290g | Width : 24 in |

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